Yanika Anukulpun
Artist Statement

NYC…Past Present Future

New York City: Past Present Future is aphoto series to describe and concern about the next step of the mostprogressive cities would look like in the future.

Yanika Anukulpun is a Thai fine artphotographer who currently lives in New York City. Her passion is all aboutarchitecture and street photography, and she has done many fine artarchitectural projects. One of her photo series is this project that comes fromher curiosity about the dirty and decadent construction including of city plan,subway, building and structure because NYC was one of the well-developed citiesin the world, and be the big dream city to fill passion and inspirations formany people around the world.

The serious issues are the increasinglyhigh cost of living in every year, the majority number of population, and theenormous skyscrapers around the city that exterior design could not berenovated or rebuilt. There are many abandon buildings where those homeless,criminals and drug people usual live in or gang up to do crimes and violation.Moreover, that old architecture would directly affect with New Yorkers andresidency workers about dust pollution and habitats, so there are a lot ofhomeless people live on the street, and make the edifice and environment tobecome unclean and unsafe for others.  

New York City is an excellent case study ofthe post-progressive city that we need to aware of Bangkok in the future. Ourconcern might be how could we rebuild city plan or keep remaining after Bangkokcity could reach the most progress period? 

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